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Elizabeth "Betty" Lavery

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Elizabeth "Betty" Mary Lavery

September 15, 1938 - September 18, 2021


Passed away Saturday, September 18, 2021, at Moog and Friends Hospice House.


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From: Michelle La

My Dear Mother ,
Thank you for all of the love , care , life lessons , and patience you showered me with during my wonder filled childhood ! From hot dogs and cocoa for the entire neighbourhood of children in our small community and fireworks on our rocky front lawn . Best place to have Halloween fireworks !! To the Monks Breakfast and outbursts of laughter at our cabin at BIG GUN Lake. Thank you for the soothing Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep prayers at night with your soothing touch to Jason and I s heads as you gently prayed us to sleep . I will always value all of the many cookies you made for us sharing with me
The belief, that all good mothers made homemade cookies , so you perfected the craft of making simply the best peanut butter cookies , my fav , oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and Grandma Marj Laverys famous Rice Crispy cookies which my own daughters adore !!! Mom they are now old enough to make their own cookies . I am confident that all of your five grandchildren will carry on all the best of your personality traits ! You were so proud of all FIVE grandchildren beginning with your first grandson , Evan with his computer expertise and his auburn hair , added to his honest , loyal business practices , to Summer with her kind , professional telephone voice, for which she has received many compliments , thank you for drilling these manners into my mind , so I could pass them to my eldest daughter , Summers dark hair always makes me think of you mom , her caring empathy continue to make her family proud . Owen , your third grandchild , you were so proud of the fine young man has become , his sharp chiseled good looks , his amazing height , as well as his education you were so pleased with his life choices . Your fourth grandchild Bliss , such a tribute to your English ancestry, her quick smile with the Parry dimples , stunning blue eyes , and her love of languages you did so brag about to any who might listen . Then last but not least, Jaylynn, the last of your official bloodline , a sweet little red haired nymph , so artistic making pictures for your room at the hospice , spending as much time as she could with her grandma in her final days . You were so proud and adored all five of your grandchildren . You left this world a little better with 5 well mannered , handsome and beautiful on the inside as well as the outside grandchildren . Which I believe to be the most relevant lesson you raised me with . You left this planet a little better with a small garden plot of homegrown beans which Auntie Rachie cooked for you for your last birthday supper , and famous okanagan tomatoes , your favourite for a delicious breakfast or lunch when they were in season. The earth was more beautiful with your stunning , variety of roses in bloom garden , pots of impatients , Martha Washingtons and assorted other plants . You so loved your Okanagan Lake view and my daughters called you Grandma with the Beach . Your wise counsel to always be the bigger person , apologies first , always love your brother as one day your dad abs I will be gone abs who will remember your favourite cake for your birthday ? Or send you Christmas gifts , recall and share your best childhood memories ? You taught Jason and I to be the best empathetic, compassionate human being we could be . You and dad never spoke about race , religion or politics at our many homemade family dinners . Perhaps this was an English mannerism as you were raised by your Quaker father , Alfred Winter Muskett and Lois Faith Small (Marsh ) Lovesy , or whether it was because our holiday table included family member of mixed religion and politics I guess I will never truly know . Please know this I have no prejudices against anyone as you, as one of my parents had raised me to not see colour or race in people . How did you two do that ??!! It has served me well during my many years working with children at the School Board . Thank you for the love and life lessons MOM. All who knew you were better for having known you . With your Sunday night dinner with Loraine and Jean , to playing Canasta and bridge with the ladies of Red Wing at the clubhouse, to riding on an elephant in Bali with Your old friend Liz . You lived an extraordinary life , travelling , seeking out the sunshine everywhere you went , drinking , gambling and smoking all around the world . You have left us better of for having known you . Friends , family and business acquaintances were fortunate to have you in their lives . You lived your life as you so choose . WELL DONE and CHEERs to you MOM. I know you are happy where you are as your sent the earth three rainbows since September 15 , which you had wanted the MAID program to make your memorial day . So each year we, as your devoted family and many beloved friends , may toast to you with a glass of wine, gin or rum , recall you with a cigarette in your hand , envisioning you sitting in your wicker chair overlooking Lake Okanagan with the triumph of being an independent woman . Love you always mom ! Thanks for the fond memories . May you Rest In Peace and enjoy the next journeys in heaven. Much love and I know you always did the best you could with the tools you had . Well done you also left this earth Jason your devoted son and myself , and I think I turned out just fine after all .
With love your daughter always ,
Michelle Elizabeth Lavery

From: Michelle La

Mum I have kept an electronic candle burning for you all of this time . I shared one each with your grandsons . May you see the light from where you are and know you will ALWAYS be LOVED.

From: Jennifer Wood

Aunty Betty ️, wow what an amazing woman you were. Beautiful, strong, fun, outgoing, talkative, helpful, intelligent and so much more. I have such wonderful memories of spending time together and Learning to swim at your home and sharing the love of diamonds with you and the love of horses with Michelle. I always felt very loved and welcomed by you. You were always there for me to celebrate the big moments in my life like my wedding and the birth of my two children. We had a wonderful time with you at your lake home and I will cherish that time forever. When I picture you in my mind and I can see your beautiful big smile that lit up my heart and everyone who loved you. I also can vividly see you sitting there with my Dad at the table laughing and drinking and smoking the whole night. You and my Dad had a very special friendship that Ive always enjoyed being apart of. You treated us like gold and made my brothers and I feel very loved. We will all miss you and you will forever live on in our hearts and through our memories. Love your niece Jenny and family xoxoxoox

From: Michelle L

Hey Mum ,
There was that one incident with F you didnt resolve . I hope Grauntie Tuney did contact you in some way as you asked for her on more than one occasion . You did say that you had seen her and spoken with her . I trust this to be true even in your mind . Having no regrets seems to be a critical part of the journey of life . Some women I knew had zero regrets at the end of their lives . This seems to be the most positive way to be . Hope you are playing cards with Grandpa Cliffie LAVERY and Great Aunt Myrt , perhaps enjoying a cocktail as well . Have fun and Grandpa would approve of a toast to all of us left behind ! Health love and happiness !!!

From: Michelle Elizabeth lavery Parry

Hey Mom , I remember the challenging Thanksgiving, when you posed the question????? What are we going to do ? As you collapsed with me hugging you . On the kitchen floor at the Burnaby house where the four of us grew as a family . The pain will always remain . I do do believe in Karma and the lady up the street in the brown house especially the like lady will one day feel the wrath of a woman scorned . Perhaps she will remember the day she and G imploded our lives . So much sadness , betrayal and sorrow you had to deal with in your life . The betrayal of false friends a quote from some famous person , I will look for it , this is to have succeeded . To survive the betrayal of false friends . Wow so apropos of my life right now . Miss your wise words of younger years . The sadness drive you to heal yourself with spirits . The pain caused you to hurt every day and the betrayal imploded our family. Thank goodness the Catholic Church was able to forgive that woman and her family . For us it was many years of pain and suffering ahead . You deserve peace ️ and unconditional love wherever you are with whomever you are with . PEACE is the answer . Cheers to you MOM a financially independent successful woman , living in a house on Lake Okanagan with a life partner at your side . 5 stunning grandchildren and two children who loved you muchly as their MUM . Peace ️ Joy and love Michelle and family

From: Michelle MITHA Lavery Parry

One month and not forgotten .

From: Michelle MITHA Lavery Parry

Hello MUM ,
It has been a month today . Although we didnt always see eye to eye . You taught me forgiveness so the answer and always be the bigger person . Valuable life lessons. Although at times it felt you love to my conditional . I comprehend you did the BEST you could . Love hugs your ONLY daughter , Michelle aka Auntie Shell ( so proud to be )

From: Michelle MITHA Lavery Parry

Here is the quote

From: Nichelle lave

Hello Mum, I remember how much you loved Halloween ! This meant our home was filled with children . You loved creating the home for us , Jason and I , a home that was secure , fun , and included many family members and friends ! Halloween meant our home on Winlake had two vats of hotdogs cooking and another canning kettle filled with hot chocolate!!! You adored children , as your love shine through for Jennie , Alfie and Byron as well !! Jill and joeseph Muskett as well Z. Miss you mom ! I remember how joeseph accuse it your eye with his card . Love hugs ur daughter mishell

From: Michelle Elizabeth LAVERY

Dear mum ,
You left the world a little better with your lovely rose garden !!! I cut roses for your birthday and your hospice room smelled heavenly . May you always recall your special birthday as well as Harrys !! Say hi to Cliffie for me love you one and only daughter , Michelle

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