Kettle Valley Memorial

Past Seminars

Pre-Arrangements / Executorship & Grief / Wills & Estate Planning

Event Date: May 22, 2024

Our speakers:

  • Kevin Smith – Funeral Director and Owner (Kettle Valley Memorial)
  • Mare McHale – Best Selling Author, Registered Social Worker & Therapist (Kinetic Counselling)
  • Neil Wyper – Lawyer, Estate Planning and Probate (Wyper Law)

Planning for final wishes, care of assets, awareness of the roles and responsibilities of Power of Attorneys and Executors, estate settlement services and navigating probate are subject matters that our professionals will discuss in this information seminar to help provide advice to assist in eliminating future concerns for yourself or loved ones.

This Seminar covered:

  • Financial and emotional benefits of planning ahead
  • Questions you should ask now to help eliminate any future obstacles for your loved ones
  • What your Executor(s) and Power of Attorney need to know
  • Insights about probate and how to navigate it
  • Why it’s crucial to protect yourself & assets
  • Resources and support referrals for caregivers and those grieving loss